About Us

About Us

Consumer Recommendations, L.L.C. is a company that was formed in response to a series of situations of consumer fraud and frustration, observed first hand, by the co-founders Jim & Paul. The formation of our company is a direct attempt to affect change in the relationships consumers have with local companies. Our company has two important goals:

  1. Reduce the risk that consumers face when dealing with businesses in their area.
  2. Help the quality businesses in that area market themselves to the consumers.

To achieve these goals we are doing several things:

  • We are publishing websites that are localized to the various states that allow consumers to search for businesses in their local communities.

  • On each website, is a consumer feedback system designed to allow the consumer to describe to the community their experiences with the local businesses listed. Although it is optional, businesses are encouraged to take advantage of this system.

  • The websites contain descriptive profiles of local businesses that have joined our program thus stating their commitment to consumer protection.

  • On these profiles, businesses will have a place to pre-publish their references, show licenses, awards, offer coupons, and make endorsements of other member businesses.

  • We have a marketing program designed to help the member businesses both drive traffic to the website, and market themselves directly to the public. These other efforts include social media and programs that grow in effectivness with a group of business.

Please join us in helping consumers and quality businesses everywhere!